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PCI Express PIPE PHY Transceiver IP

SMS5000 PCI Express PHY Transceiver IP (PIPE compliant) supports PCI Express Applications with the following features:

  • Supports 2.5Gb/s serial data rate
  • Utilizes 8-bit or 16-bit parallel interface to transmit and receive PCI Express data
  • Full Support for Auxiliary Power (Vaux) for Energy aware systems like Multi-Port Host Controllers
  • Data and clock recovery from serial stream on the PCI Express bus
  • Supports direct disparity control for use in transmitting compliance pattern
  • 8b/10b encode/decode and error indication 
  • Receiver detection
  • De-emphasis at Transmit
  • Electrical Idle Generation & Detection
  • Lane Polarity Inversion Support
  • Loop-back Support
  • Spread Spectrum Clock Support
  • Embedded Bit Error Rate Testing Through PBRS generation and detection
  • ESD & Short Circuit Protection
  • Scrambling Disable Feature
  • Beacon transmission and detection
  • Direct Disparity Control Support for use in transmitting compliance pattern
  • Full low cost, low power CMOS Implementation
  • Modular architecture supports 1,2,4,8,16 Lane applications
  • Silicon Optimized, Proprietary architecture yields very small silicon area
  • Hot Swap, Hot Plug Support

SMS5000 PCI Express PHY PIPE Transceiver Data Sheet


Soft Mixed Signal Corporation is a member of the Intel Developer Network for PCI Express Architecture

Copyright 2003 by Soft Mixed Signal Corporation

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