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  1394 Transceiver  USB 2.0 USB2.0 PHY UTMI


Internal Mixed-Signal / Analog & Dedicated DSP Cores & Technologies which are used in our products:

  • Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC):

        6-bit Flash ADC 250 MHz: 7-bit precision and up to 400 MHz*
        8-bit Pipelined ADC 80 MHz: sampling speed up to 200 MHz*
        10-bit Pipeline ADC 50 MHz: sampling speed up to 75 MHz*
        12-bit Pipelined, self calibrating ADC 25 MHz: sampling speed up to 60 MHz*
        14-bit Pipelined, self calibrating ADC 5 MHz: sampling speed up to 10 MHz*

        *Attainable Sampling Speeds

  • Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC):

        8-bit Resistive, Voltage output DAC, 50 MHz.
        8-bit Current output DAC, 250 MHz
        10-bit Current output DAC, 250 MHz: speed up to 500 MHz*
        12-bit Current output DAC, 250 MHz: speed up to 400 MHz*
        14-bit Current Output DAC, 100 MHz

        *Attainable Sampling Speeds

  • PLL and DLL for frequency synthesis, clock recovery, clock skew elimination.

Versatile Delay Locked Loop DLL: up to 1000 MHz (1 GHz)
Medium speed PLL: 10 - 100Mhz. 
High Speed PLL: 100 - 1000Mhz.

  • Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA), Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA)

VGA/PGA for both high frequency and high linearity applications.
High Frequency: 100 MHz, 3dB frequency response up to 20dB, 0.2 percent linearity.
High linearity: 2 MHz, up to 36dB gain and 80dB linearity.

  • IO.
    High Linearity driver for xDSL type applications.
    High Speed UTP driver for LAN applications.
    Special IO Types: LVDS, PECL, GTL with speed of  1.25 Gb/s, 2.5 Gb/s, 3.125 Gb/s.
  • Fully integrated 10Base-T PHY


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