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  1394 Transceiver  USB 2.0 USB2.0 PHY UTMI

DSP Based Cat-5 10 / 100 Fast Ethernet Transceiver IP

        100Base-TX / 10Base-T Physical Layer with PCS, PMA and PMD.

        This is a highly integrated, full digital CMOS implementation with complete Analog Front End solution. It is also compatible and compliant with CDDI (FDDI on copper medium). Transceiver includes: Adaptive Equalization, Slicer, Clock Recovery and Synthesis, Code conversions and Decoder/Encoder, Scrambling/Unscrambling, On-chip Auto-Negotiation.

DSP-PHY 10 / 100 100Base-TX Ethernet PHY                                              DSP10100 Datasheet:  DSPPHY.pdf











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